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Body care Questions and Answers

'I want super-smooth legs, but I'm fed up with shaving all the time. What's the alternative?
These days hair removal can be quick and easy. For starters it's worth remembering to use a gentle exfoliator once a week to help prevent in-growing hairs. For fuzz-free legs for up to a week, try using Hair Removal Cream. It's great for using on your underarms and bikini area too. As part of your daily moisturising regime, use Soft & Smooth Hair Minimising Lotion. Its Slow-Grow Complex leaves hair less visible, softer and finer, so skin stays smoother for longer.

The soles of my feet hurt but I don't want to give up my killer heels? Help!
If you insist on wearing high heel shoes, our Footworks Sole Support helps plump up your foot, as it helps to inhibit the breakdown of collagen so you can wear heels all day long.

I love the idea of going to a spa for beauty treatments, but it's a bit too expensive. Are there any home treatments I could do myself?
Creating a spa in your own home is simple with a few luxurious treats from our Planet Spa range. Using ingredients from around the world, Planet Spa gives you the ultimate home spa experience. From Regenerating Body Polishers and Thermal Face Masks to Hand & Body treatments, there's something to pamper you from head to toe.

I want pretty feet for summer without having to go for professional pedicures all the time. What can I do for a quick fix?
The Avon Footworks range has everything you need for a quick 'do it yourself' pedicure.
Step 1: Place your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water mixed with Soothing Soak to soften and cool
Step 2: Pat feet dry and buff hard patches using the Foot File, and then apply Moisture Cream
Step 3: Finish off with a quick spritz of Revitalising Spray for lasting freshness.

I haven't got time to moisturise my whole body after every shower, but my skin dries out if I don't. What's the alternative?
Your skin might feel dry and tight after the shower as the protective barrier of oil in the lower level of the skin breaks down, and water evaporates from the skin. It's vital to lock moisture back in. Our Skin So Soft Dry Oil Body Spray is perfect, as it's quickly absorbed, doesn't feel greasy and leave your skin feeling silky soft.


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